Iris Dror – Hazaz - A few words about myself: A real flower... / Soprano / Born in 1959, third generation in Hod Hasharon / Singing from an early age on stage. / Married + 3 adult children / Since 1978 work as an Administrator in “Toam Import & Export” office – owned by the  “United Kibbutz Movement” in Israel. / Hobbies: writing, singing, traveling, cooking & baking.

Livnat Heiman - Age: Thirty (for the second time…) / Profession: Translator and Remedial English Teacher /Singing history: Singing in choirs since elementary school and member / of Jeans since its foundation /Hobbies: Singing, writing songs, translating songs from various languages into Hebrew (part of which are sung in Jeans and other choirs) / Most successful achievement: My three children! / Favorite occupation: Spending quality time with my amazing 18 month old grand-daughter, Inbar! / Aspirations for the future: Countless / Recommendations: None

  Tili Wagner
  Levana Madanes - I grew up in Kiryat Haim and for the past 30 years have been living in Ramat Efal. A nurse by profession, I work at ShneiderHospital. My three charming children are Adi, Ohad, and Edva. I also have two cuteLabradors! Being sociable, I like to spend time with and host friends, travel, eat out, dance, and attend lectures. I study about Israel at "Machon Avshalom". Love to travel, love opera, theater, concerts and cinema. Having studied and having sung classical music in the past, I now sing in three different popular-oriented vocal groups.

Chaya Keinan-Rimer - I've been singing for as long as I can remember myself, in elementary school choirs and singing groups. I found Jeanne 11 years ago, and have been having a ball singing with the group ever since. Singing always lifts my spirits, and I enjoy every minute of it!

Levana Alonim - There are two - Levana A – Achiever, perfectionist and careerist in military service, studies and long-time professional in the planning and construction field. Levana B – Who all her life wanted to deal with matters of soul and creativity, who envisioned herself in film production, poetry, dance and art, and who has fulfilled these dreams – for the last 11 years – singing with Jeanne Rabin, and recently also by widening horizons in the study of  painting and urban planning.
Ronit Berz - I was born in South Africa.   Now retired, most of my working life I was spent in the airline industry.  I appreciate art, and even dabble in painting myself from time to time. In the past I sang in the "Anglophonica" choir, after having sung (Xmas Carols) in my high school choir ....but mostly I sing in the bath tub - excellent resonance! Since I 'hit'  Katsefet" I've never looked back!!!

Shlomith Zylverberg - The choir is a beloved, important part of my life.  I've been singing with “Jean's” for ten years, enjoying every moment.  Singing in a choir is not just a musical experience. Belonging to a group that shares a mutual interest adds another dimension. I  volunteer for “Anashim Be’Adom”, an organization devoted to road safety. I travel both in Israel and abroad, and love to read. A Board of Education retiree, my academic studies include archaeology, history, and language editing. A central and important part of my life is my family: three  children, eight grandchildren, and one great grandchild.


Rachel Pasmanik  - I do my best to live through love. I relax and strengthen my body with aquatic exercises and Tai Chi. My road to singing was a rocky one, but I've recently been expressing myself better through my voice. I love singing with the other choir members. Our conductor is unusual: dominant yet enabling at the same time, pushing us to myriad wonderful achievements. What I love most about performing is the active give and take of joy with an audience. I've worked at a nursery for many years, and I have a family which I love dearly.


Haya Sherez - I've been singing in choirs for 32 years… My "day job" is teaching math for Bagrut in three different institutions. And then I go sing in three, very different choirs. A lot, you say? Depends who you ask. But it's great fun. I find the time for other activities such as swimming, reading and exercise. But there's no question that the choirs are what most fill my soul: rehearsals, performances and trips abroad.

  Alisa Abrahams - I am a new arrival to Israel although I am Israeli born. "Hazarti habayta”. I am a musician and actress by character and training. I have been a business owner, motivational speaker and teacher of adults and children.  I love to go on trips ("tiyulim") to discover this wonderful country of ours and I love to dance and sing. I have been blessed to have been given the ability to make friends wherever I go. Jeanne, my job and my friends are my life.

Revital Friling - (b.1960). Married to Nachman, mother to Adi, Shai and Lior. My musical history: Recorder lessons with my neighborhood friends, singing in my room in front of the closet mirror with a light bulb as a microphone and a badminton racket as a guitar.  Joined the school's choir in 6th grade. The four songs I sang for a Moshav celebration led to the establishment of "Jean's" … and the rest is history!  I'm a librarian, a painter and … much more.

Judy Kestecher -  Dayton, Ohio – that’s where I was born: orchards of apples, fields of corn. Not such a far cry from my moshav of today, although the eggs and the oranges have all gone away. I’ve been a Linguistics teacher, a tech writer and more. And after 30 years working, more than ever before, I can’t WAIT to retire, to travel and not work. It better happen soon, before I go berserk!
Gila Kober - My life has been full of changes: I gave up an impressive bathroom solo singing career for being a member of the Jean's choir. I recently quit a demanding job for the “burden” of going to concerts and theater, taking trips and reading books. And I left the crowded center of the country, resettling in the Lower Galilee, which is dense with serene landscapes that perfectly suit my love for nature. But there is one thing for which there is no substitute, and that is the fun of Jeans’ weekly rehearsals with my wonderful partners and our fabulous conductor Jeanne. 
Yaffa Mizrachi  - For years, a singer in the shower … for the past six, an alto in "Katzefet". I await Wednesday evenings each week, where I enjoy and love all: Jeanne, the other members, and the repertoire!
  Sarit Rosenblatt
  Yaffa Rakach - I was born in Lebanon and moved to Italy where I met my husband. I work in a kindergarten, I sing with the children all day long. I have been singing for many years now. I would like to learn to play an instrument.

Phillipe Bismuth - A series of coincidences put me in the direction of singing. I start singing two years ago, and with the help of various people, I got to a stage where I began a professional career. My repertoire consists of French and Italian ballads. I sing tenor with JEANS and baritone in other choirs.

  Micha Moran - Born 1952, KFAR-SABA. married + 4 (and grandaughter) Profession: System analyst. Projects manager in management information systems, for more than 35 years.Freelancer since 2004. Owner of Moringa Arava ltd.

Zion Mamrud -  born in 1954, Israel. Lives in Moshav Elishama, owner of a vehicle spare parts renovation factory.Joined the "chorus line" about a year ago after Rachel Pasmanik revealed his hidden talent when they sang around the bonfire on a trip to Turkey. Likes nature, trips and journies. Loves cooking and baking bread. Zion has a wife, four children and 3 dogs who love and encourage him in all his hobbies.


Jaime Eder - "Jeans'" rhythmic South American arrived in Israel from Venezuela 15 years ago and has enjoyed every day since. Joined "Jean's" over nine years ago with the ex. Currently owns a translation services company translating documents (mainly technical) for various companies and other clients, from English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. Translation, editing and localization. In addition, loves to travel abroad and created a web site providing information and options: WWW.CAFESHAHOR.CO.IL 

Divorced + 3 with a partner +2 for four years.


Kalman Bleiberg – Born in 1953. Lives in Kfar-Saba and works in security at an educational institute. It was Shauli that brought him to the chorus for the first time, after he couldn’t help noticing Kalman's talent and passion for singing. Kalman loves traveling and nature, especially when combined with “Eretz Israel” songs, enjoys every moment in the "chorus line", especially under Jeanne's musical direction. His wish: to keep on singing and enjoying.


Eli (Elisha) Gill - Born in Ramat Gan1947. A resident of Hod Hasharon. Married to Barbara. Father of one daughter and three sons. Grandfather of eight.  In the past, a diamond dealer.  Presently working with my son-in-law at "Keshatot" shadings.  Joined Jeanne's "Jean's" in its second year. Enjoyed singing from a young age, playing a little flute, harmonica and guitar.  Vocal preferences:  Hebrew songs, pop/jazz mainly from the 30's to the 70's.  English teachers: Messrs. Anka, Presley and  Richard.  Main hobby: travelling.


Amit Magen - I'm very fond of art - especially music and poetry. I enjoy singing and performing. Once in a while, I find myself writing lyrics for songs and even some poetry of my own. I love Israel and enjoy touring it. Apart from my hobbies, I am married to an amazing woman and have three gorgeous children. I studied physics and planned to become a researcher, but currently I am a system engineer.

  Michael Shuv - Born in Ganne-Am (1946) and still live there now. Married to Esther, my lovely wife, have three successful children, Asaf, Rachel and Noa, and two cute grandsons, Omer and Dan. Busy working as a specialist of logistic computer systems. I like listening to classical music, traveling, going to the theater and reading books.
  Dudi Te'eni  - Born in Tel Aviv in 1951, lives in Ra'anana since 1983. Married +3 charming children, a dog, and parrot. I love singing, Italian culture and eating. I grow my own "tire" and sell of PIRELLI tires for a living (VP of the Israeli importer). Joined "Jean's" at the start (and am going to stay until the end)  after having heard an  "Ensemble" performance. A baritone/bass and a tenor when needed. Range 2.5 octaves