Elana Epstein - I grew up in Tel Aviv on Viennese Operettas. In Montreal  I learned by heart all the famous musicals of the 40's, 50's and 60's. A year in Paris added to  my repertoire  Brel, Brassens, Barbara, Fugain, Aznavour......I have sung in 5 choirs since returning to Israel but singing with the San Francisco Yiddish choir  was one of the highlights of my musical life. My English lessons usually start or end with a song - a perfect combination of  my  two loves.

Rachel Gendelman
- Emigrated from Argentina in 1970.  I'm married, the mother of two daughters and a "crazy" grandma of five. Curiosity for everything and the love of mankind led me to study and work in various fields: education, music, psychology, paramedical professions, social work and translation of movies and TV series which I presently do for a living. With "Rosh Tov" from day one, I brought years of choir experience and a love of harmony with me. May we never stop singing!


Michal Ludvinovsky -

Varda Mark – I enjoy every minute of singing in Jeanne's "Katzefet" choir in Sde Warburg. Other than singing since childhood, my hobbies are folk dancing and traveling whenever I can. In my personal life, I am a wife and the mother of four, managing "Ganim Tours" travel agency in Hod HaSharon. I love languages, thus I will emphasize the fact that I love to sing: ICH SINGE GERNE! AMO CANTARE! ME GUSTA CANTAR!

Yael Miara - I'm constantly singing and dancing.  By experience, I know Jeanne's professionalism is paramount; her singers and the harmonies they create are pure pleasure. My musical childhood: Grandfather an opera singer and cantor; Grandmother a piano teacher; Aunt, a classical pianist and radio producer; my Dad, a bass player and founding father of jazz in this country who introduced me to many Israeli artists. And me? No formal musical training other than recorder studied at the Kibbutz. Now planning to study music therapy to treat the human soul.


Vered  Shoham  Richert - I was born on 5/4/1957 in Kibbutz Einat, where I still live with my husband and son. My  mother was a professional dancer, so music was all around. I've played the piano since I was nine and have sung in choirs most of my life as well.  I studied at the Academy in Jerusalem but music is more a hobby for me. On the kibbutz there are lots of opportunities to make music. Over the past few years I've been working in the Quality Incurrence Department of "Einat Food Industries"  which makes special products out of bread such as breadcrumbs, croutons and sandwiches. 

Smadar Bandler-Shalev –

  Shir Elron -



Ella Laor – I enjoy theatre, art, reading, singing, dancing and all kinds of music. I have a strong spiritual connection. I am a public relations graduate who worked twenty years in advertising. Presently employed as a medical secretary for an HMO. I've taken classical and modern dance classes for thirty years, and sing in the "Rosh Tov" choir. Music is in my soul. Most importantly, I am the mother of three amazing children who fill my life.

Ruti Lindenberg

Dorit - As a child, I remember myself singing all the time and everywhere. Somewhere along my busy, pressured hi-tech career I stopped singing. I wanted to bring music back into my life which is why I joined Jeanne's choir. Singing in a group gets me out of my shell and allows me to be myself again. I replaced the Hi tech career with art. I studied 4 years in 'Hamidrasha' ArtSchool, and graduated in 2006. Today I am an artist, painting in my studio in south Tel-Aviv.


Shosh Zukerman - I live in Rosh HaAyin and teach first and second grades, specializing in reading and writing. I also studies reflexology and occasionally dabble in that. I love singing and have been in "Rosh Tov" almost since the beginning. I listen to both Israeli and international music. Enjoy hiking and documenting the flora and fauna when I do. I believe in living for the moment, and seeing the positive in each situation.

Orna Benveniste  – An alto in "Katzefet" since it began. Singing complements all my other hobbies. In the past I was a dancer, and knew that one day I'd hang up my dancing shoes and start singing. My other main hobby is sports: I LOVE to run medium distances (10-15 km), swim and dance. I also love to be around interesting people whom I love.


Ilana Edot - A 45 year old, mother to Kfir (14) and Dor (10). I am a kindergarten teacher. I finished my studies in 1989 and immediately opened my own private kindergarten. Ever since, I get to take care of a group of amazing kids every two years. I enjoy my work very much and deeply love the kids. I first started singing in elementary school with the singer Naomi Damayo who instilled in me the love of singing. I also play keyboards. I am happy singing in Jeanne Rabin's choir and hope to do so for years!

  Orat Blanche - I live in Rosh Ha'ayin and am happily married with three children. I love choral singing. Since high school, I've sung in several different choirs. I joined "Rosh Tov" in September 2007 and enjoy each and every moment of our Tuesday rehearsals. The members are serious, (almost) always prepared, and are a friendly, "sympatico" group. I commend Jeanne's work: emanding, professional, providing lots of good examples and performance tips. I really feel that both on a personal and a group level, we are constantly improving.
  Taly Begleibter-Hoffman - I'm here to sing / Summer, winter, autumn, spring. / Music, in my life, takes up a big part: / It comes from deep, deep down in my heart. / I play the guitar and it's a real pleasure, / I just love the Beatles – they're truly a treasure. / When I met Jeanne, that's when it "begun", / Happiness, fun – she's the only one! / The choir is great, by now you should know, / I invite you to come and see our show!

Irit Gil-Ad - I have been singing as long as I can remember, at every opportunity and in every possible framework. I have sung with many groups, however the Rosh HaAyin "Rosh Tov" group is more than just a "choir".  I find it a second home, both from a musical standpoint and from the cheerful atmosphere that only Jeanne Rabin can create, and that bestows upon us all, willingly or not, a "Rosh Tov".


Sharon Kavia


Miri Lapushner - As a child I hated piano lessons and played only because of my parents and for them.  But they knew something I didn't: music would stay with me all my life. I listen to various styles, according to my mood, and music always makes me feel good. I love words and languages as well and enjoy translating. While playing with the words I try to keep the style, the mood, the rhythm and the harmony of the original…


Tova Naveh -  Writes poems and sings her own songs. In the past,a national Hebrew language instructor for newcomers for the Ministry of Education. An English language coordinator and junior high teacher. A part time grandmother to three grandchildren.

Ariel Arielly
 - born in Rehovot and grew up on a Kibbutz in the

JezreelValley. A "self educated man", in the army I served as a teacher for electronic students in theIAFTechnicalCollege. I worked as a sound engineer for live performances, recording and broadcast studios and as a lecturer for sound technicians in Yoav Gerra's College as well as a lecturer in the SapirAcademy in Sderot. I run a company specializing in Multi-Discipline technological solutions. I like classical music and my hobby is aviation. I hold a Private Pilot License and I build aircraft in the Amateur-Built Experimental category

Ran Ferster - By day - an ordinary hi-tech engineer. By night - a tenor who would not call it a night without singing. Sings with “Rosh-Tov” and supports “Jean’s” when called to duty. Misses rehearsals only when abroad for work. Raanana resident, happily married to Revital, and father to charming Tom, Roni and Dana. Love traveling locally or abroad. Would always prefer a concert for entertainment, especially Rock and Blues, and never skips a good show when travelling. Last but not least – always keep singing!

Itzik Hargil - Introduced to music by my father, who bought me a harmonica when I was seven, I taught myself to play and even performed. I took proper music lessons at 12 and studied the accordion- borrowed from a neighbor. My studies were interrupted after she asked for it back. At 31 I started piano but as I became self employed, I had no time…But six years ago, I returned to music by joining "Kazefet"and have enjoyed every minute since! A pharmacist and a pharmacy owner, I live and work in Kfar Sava.


Doron Sagi – I grew up, as I am raising my children, in a musical environment which loves songs, knows the lyrics and even sings on pitch. I decided to take my hobby one step further by joining "Rosh Tov", and discovered a new world rich in music and song, challenging and pleasurable, which we have a taste of weekly. When I'm not singing, I'm married and the father of three lovely kids. An organizational psychologist specializing in selection processes, assessment and admission centers in the military and civilian fields.

Yossi Shub -


Dr. Nitzan Schlesinger - A member of the Graduate Faculty of Dental Medicine at Hadassah  Ein Kerem with many years experience in dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation. Member of the International Congress of Implantology (ICOI), holding its highest degree -"diplomate".  My private practice clinic is in Rosh HaAyin. nmschlez1@gmail.com

  Simcha Gilam - In the beginning, for me, there was no (musical) form and void and darkness … and then came the Beatles and shed a bright light upon it all. And ever since, for nearly fifty years now, there's hardly been a day without music for me. There were also Sasha and Matti who paved the way from right to left... I always wanted to sing in parallel thirds like John and Paul (or Matti and Shlomo, for that matter). So here I am now with Rosh Tov. And that's it, in a nutshell.

Dan Diamant - I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and have lived in Israel for more than twenty years. I am married and I have three daughter. An M.Sc. in Mathematics, I work nowadays as a system engineer at a hi-tech company. I've been creating fine art photography for many years. The combination of two worlds, science and art, lends my photographs an extra, inspiring touch. I've had several group and solo exhibitions. My Internet site address: http://www.dandiamant.com

Adi Keidar - 
 A man of east & west / Of light & heavy / Of peace & tolerance / An amateur who strives for perfection & professionalism / A choir’s singer since 1990 from classical to jazz music / A man of the performing arts 


Ami Livneh – Born in Rishon LeZion, a music student of some of the greats: Yechezkel Braun, Chanoch Ron, and Yehoash Hirshberg. After many years neglect of the field, other than frequenting wonderful concerts in Israel and abroad, I joined the "Katzefet" choir for one year. In 2006 I initiated the opening of a new choral group in Rosh HaAyin. Jeanne rose to the challenge and together we brought the idea to the attention of the municipality and the public. I'm proud to be one of the singers of "Rosh Tov", second place winner in the MILA choir competition, 2009.

Shmulik Maharam -

Yehoshua Manor - better known as "Yehoshuky", is a baritone with a distinct "leaning" towards sopranos! A former kibutznik, he now lives in Gan Haim. Yehoshuky is 60+ and is married with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. After retiring from the IDL at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, today he is a self-employed Industrial and Management Engineer and Consultant. He loves nature, is an enthusiastic photographer and - of course - loves to sing.


Eyal Oz - Married to Tamar. Father of Oren, Ronie and Tal. BSC in Computer Engineering. Entrepreneur and CEO of OZLINE Technology and Software LTD  - a consulting company which focuses on defining and building software products for large and small businesses. I like singing in the shower and, for the last four years, in "Rosh-Tov", Rosh-Ha'ayin. Although I reached the distinguished age of 41, I am still amazed by what life has to offer every day. I truly believe in the words of the song: "You can be whatever you want to be!"


Alon Raviv – Married to Rona and father of Omer, Tal and Shira. Live in Rosh HaAyin. Business development manager of my company, "Creative Intelligence". Also lectures in the master's program at BetzalelAcademy in Jerusalem and as a mentor for students, designers and companies for breakthrough activities in international marketing and retail. My first performance with "Rosh Tov", after 47 years of chronic off-key-singing, was at "Sovev Kinnereth' 2010". alon@creative-iq.com

Arnon Schratter