Tania Amar - Singing since I was 16, I started with classical and only at age 25 discovered the pleasure of jazz standards and improvising. When I emigrated from France in 1997, wanting to learn beautiful Israeli folk songs, I immediately joined the Ra''ananim and spent 11 happy years with them. After seeing a great show by the "Ensemble" two years ago, I contacted Jeanne and asked her to take me into her wonderful group. One of the best decisions I ever made!
  Marilyn Benson - I'm originally from Scotland. There I sang in a classical choir, was musical director for Youth Groups and also gained a Performers'' Diploma for piano from the Victoria College of Music (AVCM). Since making aliya, I continued to sing in different choirs before joining the "Ensemble" 16 years ago. Throughout, I also performed in an English Musical Theatre group. Recently, my husband and I formed our own small Band, "Pzazz Jazz", playing jazz, swing and blues. www.myspace.com/pzazz_jazz
Dorit Drory-Rupp - Family and couples counseling / Guided imagery and meditation / Workshops in parenting skills and inner processes / Educational counselor for children and adolescents / Specializes in treating youth at risk (both one-on-one and in groups) / Testing for and treating learning disabilities and ADHD. Mother of wonderful children, Chen and Or and Wife to Roni. The Ensemble is a family filled with love, caring, supporting each other, while Jeanne – our Big Mama - presides over everything with love, intelligence, a warm and caring heart.
  Ganit Goren - A mentor for finding and establishing relationships, enjoying my own motherhood with Inbar and the true self-expression that singing brings me. When I first came to the Ensemble many years ago, I landed into a loving, warm and supportive group of people with amazing voices. What gets me out of the house on Friday afternoons is not only on the need to clear my head with music, harmonies and the grooves Jeanne puts into her arrangements, but mainly the pleasure of learning and improving as a result of being part of such a talented group.
Ruti Harel - Sweet and smiley, I''m a woman who also knows how to be serious. My love for song, music, drama and dance runs in my blood, along with a quite a few other hobbies. And that''s the short version… May we all continue to sing for many years to come under Jeanne''s baton. Much luck and "muy kef" to us all.
  Keren Jalon - born 1982, B.A. in Business Administration at IDC Herzliya, where I also work nowadays. B-u-t, what truly matters – sing, sing, sing! Besides singing in Jeanne''s "Ensemble", my spare time is devoted to "Carmel Acappella" – a women''s quintet which I joined in 2008. The group sings Israeli & instrumental classical pieces. Ooh! And I think I was a princess in my past life…
  Dorit Sapir - Born in the USA, Dorit is one of the founding members of the Ensemble. She sang before she talked and hasn’t stopped doing either yet. She also sings in the Yakinton a capella octet, a jazz band and an R&B band. Dorit supports her singing habit by being a Technical Writer and Translator. She has three daughters: Liat, Micky, and Natalie.
  Noa Cohen Eliash - Loves everything that has to do with music of any kind: Singing, playing, writing, listening to, dancing to, talking about, learning about. Always took any opportunity she had to sing, and ever since joining the Ensemble, any vocal group that would take her too... Strives to fill her life with harmony, musically and generally.Believes that practice does make perfect - But more importantly, it''s fun! :)
  Yael Levin - Born 1967; Ramat Hasharon my home for…ever. Music has always been a part of who I am (my neighbors'' ears will testify…). Singing constantly since the age of 12. Part of Jeanne''s Ensemble for ten years…and counting. Even in the army I worked for "Galatz" in sound, later receiving my degree in the field. Last year I formed "Pacappella" with Ron Gang ("The Vocal Octet"). We''re working on a program of 70-80''s hits.
  Tamar Oz – Married to Eyal, mother of Roni, Tal and Oren and the adoptive mother of a dog and two cats. For most of the week I make music: I teach music to kids from the age of 18 months up, I conduct choirs in elementary and junior high schools, I give voice lessons to a women’s choir and to private students of all ages. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, travelling and spending time with family and friends.
  Irit Pinchasi - I am 58 years old, married happily to Yoram and the proud mother of 3 grown-ups. Educated as a biochemist (PhD from Tel-Aviv University) and until recently the VP for Global Research and Development at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Today I am an MA student (culture studies) in the OpenU and enjoy life full-time. I love to sing, dance, travel and trek, study and "open my head" for everything that is new and exciting.
Noam Reis - 24 years old, from Ra''anana/Haifa. I''m a third year student at the University of Haifastudying Speech Therapy and Audiology. I joined "Jeanne Rabin''s Ensemble" this year because singing is what I love to do most and because the walls of the shower decided it was time I move on! At the "Ensemble", I met a bunch of talented, welcoming, lovely people. Aside from working, hanging out with friends, reading (lately, just articles for school), I love to chat with people, singing out loud in the car (always the harmony…) traveling, movies, standing in the sun on a cold day, etc. . .

  Lauren Rozenman - I Love to sing, what can I do?/ If you were me, you''d love it too!/ It fills my heart, cleanses my soul/ Don''t stop me now! I''m on a roll!/I''ve sung with Jeanne, the wizard of song,/ and for the past 16 years I''m never alone./The Ensemble for me is more than a choir,/My friends are like family, it''s all I desire./ If you want to know me, you''ll need more than this /you know how to reach me, so I''ll end with a kiss!
  Silona - Since I was a kid I knew I was born to sing, but it was only in 2003, when Jeanne heard me, that I was first told "Kid, you got talent!" Since then, I"ve dedicated my life to singing and music. I studied at "Rimon - School For Contemporary Music and Jazz" and also got a B.A in East Asian studies from TAU. Throughout the years I''ve been singing as a choirist, a soloist in various projects, an a-cappella singer in the ''Yakinton'' Octet and also was the founder of the a-cappella quintet ''Intonica''. I''m presently working on my own solo material.
  Irit Avni Bursztyn - Retired teacher. happily married to Avigdor and good Jewish mother to wonderful Michal and Amir. Irit enjoys and believes in the preservation of Israeli music. As a youngster, Irit was admired for her singing skills, and she hasn''t stopped since. Both as a soloist and as a choir member, she''s sung in various choirs under Yaacov Holander, Effi Netzer, Yossef Hadar, Raffi Pesachson and Tammi Caspi. Today Irit sings alto in the unique and challenging Ensemble under the creative and sensational Jeanne Rabin... and is having the time of her life!
  Rinat Danieli - Married and the mother of 3 daughters. Music has always been a central and integral part of my life. As a child I played the flute for 1 year and the piano for 6 years. Thanks to Jeanne Rabin, I became familiar with harmonious choir singing coupled with stage presentation. Today I sing in "Jeanne Rabin''s Ensemble" and the acapella "Yakinton Octet".
  Lea Elia - Member of the Gelman household and one of four daughters / One of the founders of the Ensemble (I sang with Jeanne even before…) Member of the Kfar Shmaryahu choir (classical music) for the last 25 years / Proud mother of Asaf, Maya and Uri / Blissfull grandmother of Shakked (thus far…) Accomplished guitar player and amateur accordion player (a gift from my Bat-Mitzva…) Paints oil on canvas, used to do some sculpting, enamel painting , painting on wood, sewing, knitting etc. My small idiosyncrasy - Knowing all Partituras (including classical) by heart. Did I mention a soul of an artist ?! Did I mention golden hands ?!Being a part of the Ensemble lifts both body and spirit. We arrive on Friday tired and exhausted and leave full of adrenalin and motivation.
  Simcha Gavriel - As a founding member, the Ensemble is one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life. Back in November 1974, who could guess that the “affair” would last so long. A wild love story, a fascinating journey where every rehearsal and performance is an exciting celebration that sweeps you away just like it did in the beginning. I have two sons, Gil and Idan, and two grandchildren (Ido and Alma – who call me “Foofoo”). I teach Hebrew language skills to children and adults (including new immigrants, people with learning disabilities, and in general). I also lead memoir-writing workshops (ages 7-77).
Susie Lewin - Susie has been performing since childhood in various groups. She is one of the founding members of the Ensemble. Susie has three children: Eyal, Yanir and Natalie. Her "significant other" is Itzik Librowski - also a member of the Ensemble. A speech therapist in both Hebrew and Spanish, she specializes in voice problems (in teachers, actors and singers), stuttering, language, tongue thrusting (together with orthodontists), and diction. Susie treats children (from age three) and adults (including post-stroke and CVA patients) at her private clinic in Ra''anana. susilewin@gmail.com
  Sue-Ellen Yeffet - I love my hectic life & wear many "hats" - but it''s MUSIC that keeps me sane (and my darling Opher, also!). Besides the Ensemble, I also sing with the Yakinton Octet and plan to be around and singing for many more years.
  Kuki Motlis
  Danny Amir - Danny has been singing in the shower since he was a kid but it was only when he met up with Jeanne than he started to show off his talent in public. This outburst of creativity even inspired him to shave his head and get an earring. Other outlets for Danny''s creativity are as a founding member of the Yakinton Octet, his day job as an IT Systems Analyst and his full time job as husband to Esther, father to Natalie, Matan and Yoav and grand father to Shahar and Rotem.
  Micky Bronfeld - I write poems for friends and family, occasionally translating songs for Jeanne into Hebrew. Ride bicycles and unicycles, an amateur "jongler", long distance swimmer, love rollerblades, stilts, skiing, and anything off beat! And I collect nice people along the way. For a living, I raise money for Hi-Tech companies, and constantly search for entrepreneurs and investors. My motto – "Life is beautiful, and we''re getting better with age !"
  Ori Kook - Married and father of 3 wonderful children whom I enjoy very much. I enjoy also computers (my profession), music (that''s why I am here) and food (that''s what I eat). Trying to be good – to myself and to others. Launched www.choirplace.com - a site for choirs and vocal music fans.
  Yuval Shapira - I''ve studied music from the age of six, played saxophone with Tilden''s Big Band in Rockville, Md. in my early teens, and later studied saxophone with Amikam Kimelman. Nowadays I sing tenor with the award winning quintet, "Intonica", the "Yakinton" octet and in Jeanne''s amazing "Ensemble" alongside work with Patrick Kelly. After serving in the infantry for three years, I studied B.Sc. (Chemistry) and M.Sc. (Pharmacology).
  Leo Winer - Born in Brazil. PhD in Agronomy I''m a researcher and extensionist in the field of subtropical fruit trees. My true masterpieces - my two children, Eyal and Michal. I''ve always loved singing but started only recently: A natural baritone, I studied at the GariBertiniSchool, then joined the Kfar-Shmariyahu Classical Choir (Moshe Rassiuk). I''m an ''Ensemble'' tenor since ''08 and now enjoy two more classical choirs: ''Maayan'' (Anat Morag) and ''Ichud'' (Ronen Borshevsky). Presently improving my voice skills with Marina Levitt (Jm.Academy). Singing fills a very significant place in my soul today.
  Nati Briskin - I was born in Italy to parents who survived the Holocaust on the same day that the State of Israel was established. I grew up in Yaffo and Givataim. I played and then coached Handball. After being an officer in the army, at University I studied General History, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, Political Science and International Relations. My hobbies are poetry, cinema, reading, sports and theater. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been married for many years to Shuly, have three children and am a proud grandfather. My life mottos are: Be Modest, Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and Accept That Which You Cannot Change.
  Shmiel (Shmuel) Cohen - A music lover! If you are music – He''ll love you too. Sang long before he could talk. Sang in various occasions till he met Jeanne and the Ensemble in 2001 and fell in love again. This time for good! Founder of the a-cappella octet "Yakinton". Flies around the globe for a living, and practices alternative medicine. Married to Gila, and a proud father of two young music lovers – Noa (who sings with the Ensemble) and Omer – member of "Intonica" quintet. Did we mention he loves music? Does anything else matter?
  Yair Gavish - born: march 25, 1940. expiring: not available. born in Holon, Israel. the landscape that suround us was only sand dunes. since i was 12 years old, i moved to some other places in israel. in February 1980, some families, which my own was one of them, established a new settlement, called: Ma''ale Shomron. that is my home till the end of days.... my gym place is the sea shore: jogging, making exercises, swimming, even with the jell fish... i''m full time retired and enjoy it very much.
  Shykeh Gordon
  Itsik (Iche) Librowski - Itsik, a bass-baritone, has been singing since the age of three. He''s been with the Ensemble for the past 13 years. He has two children (Miri and Ohad), two grandchildren (Guy and Omer), and one "significant other" - Susie Lewin (also in the Ensemble). As for his "day job", he owns and manages Librowski Y.O., Ltd., a family business specializing in managing and supervising construction of luxury homes, offices and special projects. www.librowski-yo.co.il
  Urie Salant - Married with three grown children and two grandchildren. Made aliyah from the US in 1978. My work career has been teaching life science at the AmericanSchool in Israel. “Find something you love to do, and then get someone to pay you to do it.” My personal interest is sustainable development on a global scale. Singing brings me a lot of satisfaction. I’ve sung in the classical tradition, but having experienced the Ensemble, I joyfully migrated to pop and jazz.

  Amos Sherez - I am happy and content with 3 charming daughters, one new granddaughter
(Ya’ara ), and my second wife (Shabi). For over 25 years, as an Industrial and Management technician, I manage the Maintenance at MeirHospital in Kfar Saba. I’ve been singing and playing the accordion since I was a child. I used to lead folk dancing in Youth Groups and New Immigrant camps in Ra’anana. I started my singing “career” in the famous Tzadikov children’s choir, conducted by the late Itzhak Graziani. After a long break, I met Jeanne Rabin and have been singing in the Ensemble for the last 16 years.