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Singing Tip of the Month
Singing Tip # 13: Singing is like Ballet
How many dancers out there? Remember in ballet class how you were taught to push down on the floor in order to come up on your toes to a "releve" position? And how you were told to grow tall as you released your knees and lowered to a "plie"? Opposition energies. Think down to go up, think up to go down. The same principle is true for singing. Need to reach that very high note and don't want to sound like a screechy cat? Drop your chin slightly downward, and place that high note squarely in the ground. Need to sing a low note that is at the very bottom of your range and don't want to sound like you're choking? Purse your lips slightly and send that note out and up – aiming for the ceiling. Sing down for a high note, sing up for a low note. Opposition energies. You'll be amazed at how well this works