(Beit Lessin Theatre Production)


The piano is perhaps the most significant instrument in the popular music of the past decades. The acoustic piano and electronic keyboards have been the means of expression for the great artists of pop, jazz, and rock. Black and white.
Jeanne and the piano have been a team since childhood. Her singing and playing form a special and unique kind of wholeness.
This time, Jeanne brings to us a one-woman show which focuses on the combination of the piano and the singer’s voice. On the program are favorites drawn from an international and timeless repertoire including Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Yoni Rechter, Naomi Shemer, Chopin, Beethoven, George Gershwin, Scott Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Randy Crawford, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Grover Washington Jr., Jerry Lee Lewis, Serge Lamas, Phil Collins, Cole Porter, Lennon & McCartney and more . . .

Piano arrangements, orchestration, programming of Korg T3: Jeanne Rabin
Artistic Advisor: Amit Gazit
Sound & Lighting: Giora Herman
Production: Rachel Gilad-Wallner
Translations: Eliooz Rabin

“Baby Grand” was based upon an idea by Eliooz Rabin

“Baby Grand” made its debut on November 29, 1991 at the “Upper Celler” at Beit Lessin, Tel Aviv. It had a successful two year run there and all over the country. The media embraced the show warmly, with spots on various radio and television shows including Ehud Manor’s “Sof Shavua” program (channel 1), and the then number one talk show, “With Dan Shilon in the Circle” (channel 2). The hit of the show was, no doubt, Jeanne’s energetic rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis’, “Great Balls of Fire”!